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Don't rehash the old-school cookie-cutter presentation skills you learned in school. Modern communication workshops apply cutting-edge science to help professionals quickly build confidence, engage an audience, and get results with proven techniques.

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Presentation Skills Training for Your Organization

Base prices below are fixed regardless of group size. Optional materials priced per attendee.

Learn core solutions behind each of the 8 SpeechDeck principles that increase attention, maximize influence, and deliver results. Emphasis on clarifying your content.

3.5 Hours

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Learn the science behind each of the 8 SpeechDeck principles with time for demos, practice, and evaluation of 3 specific public speaking skills for each (21 techniques total).

7-14 Hours
$2,250 - $3,500

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Choose among several in-depth training modules targeted to the specific needs, objectives, and time constraints of your organization.

90 Min Sessions
$500 /session

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Introductory On-site Training

salt lake city presentation skills training

If you are located in the greater Salt Lake City, UT area, schedule any one of the custom training modules for minimal cost.

I will come to your office, club, or other organization and teach powerful public speaking techniques that you can implement in just minutes to immediately engage the listener, improve your presentation, and make a better impression.

Each 90 minute class is intended to be simple, fun, and interactive. For introductory training I recommend the Make People Listen or Truth about Public Speaking Anxiety modules.

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Public Classes

Private presentation skills coaching, while valuable, can be expensive. If you would like to take your communication skills to the next level on a budget, please join me at one of my public classes in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Utah public speaking course

Free Classes

Every few weeks I teach a FREE public workshop on one of the 8 essential principles of effective communication. Public speaking workshops are informal and fun, and over time, it's possible to learn the whole SpeechDeck presentation skills system at no cost to you. For details, join the announcement mailing list at left.

Utah executive presentation skills training classes

Full Training

Start to finish training on all 8 principles is currently only offered through organizational workshops. Subscribe to the annoucements at left to be notified when the full course is available to the public.

How the Workshops Work

Workshop Methodology

The conventional approach to presentation skills training gives you lots of checklists and rules. Over the years, as I observed students of this approach, I found that people rarely remember or incorporate very many of the "rules" after the class. Long checklists are just too complicated.

After many years as a presentation skills trainer, I've learned that students respond best when asked to remember and do very few things at once. At each coaching session I would give a client a single note card to summarize the most important concepts. These note cards evolved into a complete coaching system,

The philosophy of SpeechDeck is simplicity. There are only 8 essential principles of effective communication, and you only need to focus on a single technique from one principle at a time. Incorporating these presentation skills into your communcation will turn a black and white presentation into something colorful. You can "speak in color!"

Each principle is based on psychological truths that make the listener pay attention, give the speaker more influence, and make a lasting impact. Read about my philosophy on the About the trainer page for more details.

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Workshop Curriculum & Customization

All public speaking seminars are based on one or more of the following 8 SpeechDeck principles, each with an associated color code. You can schedule a customized, in-depth 90 minute workshop on any one of these principles or the additional modules shown in gray:

1Clarify your Content - Black

The black and white of your message must be clear. No amount of "color" will help, unless the core message is simple, clear, and logically organized. Because all communication starts with a clear message, this topic is included in detail in all courses.

2Inject Anticipation - Red

It doesn't matter how clear your message is if no one is listening. Anticipation is about getting the listener's attention at each transition and holding that attention to the end. When done properly, the speaker can generate interest and make people listen (even if they don't want to).

3Develop Relationships - Orange

To develop rapport with the listener, you must form and build relationships. Groups that already know each other well, may already share a group rapport. This principle is most important when speaking to new audiences, attempting persuasion, or when audience analysis is paramount.

4Reveal the Messenger - Yellow

The quality of the message is largely based on the impression made by the messenger (you). To establish legitimacy, credibility, and authenticity, speakers must share something of themselves. This is often the single most important principle to transform ordinary communication skills into the extraordinary. Recommended for all.

5Encourage Participation - Green

If a listener is not participating mentally, physically, verbally, or socially, he or she will not accept or remember your message. Utilize interpersonal interaction to help the listener understand and comply with your requests. Essential for sales, recommended highly for business.

6Empower the Individual - Blue

Your presentation's message must be made relevant to the listener. Empowerment includes personalization, self-persuasion, and eliminating obstacles that might prevent the listener from adopting your message. This topic is the most commonly needed skill for most of my clients. Recommended for all.

7Manage the Theater - Indigo

Effective public speaking and communication requires more than just words. You also must use the space around you. This may involve slides, visuals, and body language. Done properly, the speaker will continuously eliminate distractions and direct the listener's focus of attention. Recommended for presenters with highly analytical or highly inspirational content.

8Engage the Subconscious - Violet

A logical message is not enough. We only remember information when it touches us at an internal level. Verbally you must provide the proper context, but more importantly you must make a non-verbal, emotional, and non-cognitive impact.

 The Truth about Speaking Anxiety

This is not about relaxation techniques and long-term practice. When members of your group experience fear of public speaking, this module provides a new perspective on presentation anxiety designed to completely transform the habits that create that anxiety rut.

 Make People Listen to You

Learn the top 3 little-known techniques that take your presentations to the next level fast. This brief introduction to the SpeechDeck system serves as a trial workshop for organizations with a small budget or those who wish to experience Michael's style on a trial basis before committing to a full course.

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Seminar Schedule

Each of the 8 public speaking principles requires a minimum of 30 minutes. Therefore, the minimum "essentials" training requires 4 hours. A "mastery" workshop that allows time for more audience interaction and practice, requires 60-90 minutes for each principle discussed in depth.

Some organizations like to schedule training as a full one or two day workshop and cover all 8 principles at once. Others find it more convenient to focus on just one principle at a time in a 1-2 hour session for each principle.

We can arrange a multi-hour workshop, or work the training into your existing meeting and event schedule.

Seminar Format

All presentation skills training involves two components: principle and practice. At a minimum, we discuss how and why each principle works from a scientific point of view. For those principles you choose as "essential," I also demonstrate step-by-step tips and techniques that put each principle into practice.

In "short" format workshops, I will interact with the audience as much as time permits. When enough time is scheduled I will ask for volunteers to help me in demonstrations on stage.

In "full" format seminars there will also be time for volunteers to bring parts of their own real-life presentations on stage and receive live practice and coaching in front of the group.

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1Digital files

Michael provides digital files at no charge for the sponsoring organization to print and distribute.


For a small materials fee, Michael provides all digital materials preprinted, plus additional fill-in-the blank workbooks to help attendees follow along.

3SpeechDeck Access

The SpeechDeck essentials pack includes physical reference cards and online access to the tools at This card deck includes cards that illustrate step-by-step instructions for all the principles and techniques discussed in the class, plus dozens more. Highly Recommended. 20% discount for volume orders.

For additional information on my approach
read the About the Trainer page.

Workshop Pricing

The cost of on-site workshops at your organization varies depending on number of attendees, location, format, and materials ordered. Click one of the links below to access the online pricing calculator and begin a custom proposal.

Flat fee is regardless of group size, plus per attendee materials:

Public Speaking workshops Pricing
Introduction, 90 Min. $500
Essentials, 3.5 Hours $1,250 + materials
Mastery, 7-14 Hours $2,250 + materials
Custom, 90 Min sessions $500 ea. + material
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Training Feedback

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