Michael D. Griffith
Conquering Communication Mediocrity
A magical way with words! Anonymous, UT
Perfect expressions for your message. Anonymous
Michael was dynamic! Locust Grove, VA
The best I've seen! Anonymous
I now have the best understanding of my life! Topeka, KS
Professional and informative. Texas
Very good job covering a confusing subject! Mtn Home, ID
Michael made an otherwise dull seminar interesting. Anonymous
Michael Griffith was excellent! San Jose, CA
Given individual attention. El Paso, TX
Thanks for allowing time to ask questions. Anonymous
Made confusing material easy to understand. Newport, MI
Good presenter . . . Anonymous
Best training I've had, exceptional! Magnolia, DE
Wow!! A fun twist . .  You lifted and motivated. UT
Mike was excellent . . . over the last 30 years this was the best! Anonymous
I was mesmerized. Lori, UT
Outstanding class. Hillsboro, OR
Michael was great. Boise, ID
You rock! Anonymous
The speaker was amazing. Salt Lake City, UT
The presentation was awesome and informative. Salt Lake City, UT
You weren't boring! San Jose, CA
Once again you knocked it out of the park! Draper, UT
You always raise the energy in the room. Draper, UT
Brought down to my level. EP, TX
Plain spoken. Chula Vista, CA
Very energetic. JM, ID
Very knowledgeable! San Jose, CA
Better than I expected. El Paso, TX
Answered all my concerns. Anonymous
Oriented content to the audience. Boise, ID
Much better than previous seminars by others. Anonymous
Michael is a great presenter and speaker. Louisville, KY
Thank you for presenting in a clear manner. Great speaker. Detroit, MI
Dispelled some fears, established understanding. SG, MI
Captivating! Draper, UT
So passionate! Anonymous
Wow! How did you do that? Sandy, UT
Kept me totally involved. Anonymous, UT
I have little interest . . . Michael made it palatable. Anonymous
Good speaking skills. Anonymous
Michael was excellent. Lemhi, ID
Good detailed answers to questions. Anonymous
Thank you. Sunnyvale, CA
You're amazing . . . captivating AF, UT
Loved it! Midvale, UT
Michael did the best job I have seen! San Jose, CA
Such a powerful speaker. UT
Was absolutely great. Slat Lake City, UT
That was awesome! Anonymous, UT
You are setting the bar very high Larry, UT
Never a dull moment. Anonymous, UT
Michael seems like an awesome guy. Chad, UT
Enjoyed the style of the presenter Des Moines, IA
The most interactive presentation that I've ever seen Chile
You do get the audience attention! Sandy, UT
You have great energy and connect with youth. West Jordan, UT
Your approach & message will help me become a better presenter. Salt Lake City, UT
Fun energy! Very safe and inviting. Salt Lake City, UT
If you want to sound like everyone else,
     do what everyone else does.

Unless you want to
     rise above mediocrity . . .
          stand apart from your peers . . .
               and make a lasting impression . . .

Salt Lake City, Utah Area Presentation Skills Coaching

You wouldn't be on my site unless you were the type of person who is willing to improve. But so many things can go wrong ...

The Problem

What if your mind goes blank? or you can't find the right words?
Are worried you won't be clear? or that nobody will care?
Do you want to be engaging as well as informational?
What if someone interrupts you? or puts you on the spot?
Do you want more confidence?

All of these concerns stem from the same problem. The problem is that well-meaning teachers have mistakingly taught you to apply WRITTEN presentation skills to ORAL presentations. Even most presentation skills training classes fall into this trap.

The Solution

I've spent the last 25 years studying and coaching the secrets of professional speakers. The number one result of implementing their techniques is that not only does your message make a better impression, but YOU make a better impression. People listen to you, people remember you, and people promote you.

And believe it or not, these famous personalities actually spend LESS time preparing!

If so, as your coach, I promise you 3 things:

  • You will get attention.
  • You will have more influence.
  • You will see results.

The results

Imagine your audience sitting on the edge of their seat, looking forward to your every word. Imagine if people actually remember what you say, and act on it. Imagine, more sales, more persuasion, and better results.

My approach is simple. It's not about following long checklists. I teach just 8 essential presentation skills that professsionals use. Each principle is based on scientifically proven psychology of how and why people pay attention and remember. The result is that people will listen to you, even if they son't want to.

Salt Lake City, Utah Area Coaching

As one of the few coaches in the Salt Lake City area, I will come to your home or office in Salt Lake or Utah country for a no obligation consultation. Together we will take your public speaking skills or even a specific speech to the next level.

Contact me to arrange a consultation or for coaching alternatives outside the Salt Lake City, UT area.

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