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Presentation Skills Training for Your Organization


Learn 8 fundamental communication secrets with fun, interactive demonstrations that allow each attendee to identify personal strengths and weaknesses. Test-drive Michael's SpeechDeck system at no-risk in this first step to better attention, influence, and results.

  • Unlimited atendees
  • NO setup or materials
  • NO required per person costs
60-90 Minutes
$1,250 Now $279

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Choose from 8 in-depth training modules depending on your organization's needs. The instructor demonstrates techniques for every personality and each attendee completes 3 practice exercises one-on-one and/or in front of the group with instructor coaching.

  • 6-12 attendees per session
  • Customizable and repeatable
  • NO required per person costs
3.5 hour sessions
$499 /session

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What is the No-risk Introduction?

No-risk Introduction

What do toilet paper, gift boxes, and "chickenometry" have to do with communication? Simple . . . you can't conquer communication mediocrity by rehashing the same tired advice that everyone already knows.

Utah public speaking course This workshop is different

  • No PowerPoint
  • No lecture
  • No workbooks
  • No material prep
  • No additional costs

By using fun props, memorable analogies, and interactive activities I will demonstrate eight principles of better communciation. These techniques are based on the scientific research that proves how you can get more attention, have more influence, and achieve better results.

Utah executive presentation skills training classes

No work for you

If you have a meeting room and 60-90 minutes, you're done! Nothing else is required. Invite as many attendees as you want.

My demonstrations help each attendee self-evaluate their communciation strengths and weaknesses. This process helps you achieve the best return on your time and money by optimizing your individual or organizational plan forward.

Many individuals are not willing to decidate long hours to studying communication, but they will make simple improvements when I help them hone in on personal solutions that make a big impact. The right techniques actually take less effort, less time, and less stress than the cookie cutter approach most of us learned in school.

No risk

Utah executive presentation skills training classes There are a lot of unknowns when hiring a speaker or planning training. I offer this discounted introductory package so that you and I can get to know eachother with no risk.

Instead of the $1,250 I used to charge, I'm now offering a 60-90 minute version of this introduction for just $279. You get to test out my approach with no risk, and I get to meet new contacts. I offer this low price because I believe your organization, or at least some individuals that attend will want to work with me in the future. If not, there is no obligation.

The workshop is NOT a sales pitch! I will let those in attendance know how to contact me or buy my products, but my goal is not to sell products. My goal is to give you a full hour of communication skills training that is so simple and unique that you want to invite me back.

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How the Skills Workshops Work

Each skills development workshop is a 3.5 hour hands-on practice session that covers just one of the eight SpeechDeck principles. You should begin with the introductory workshop explained above so that you and I will be able to select which of the 8 skills would be the most effective focus for you.

Each skills workshop includes:

  • Fun analogies and memory aids
  • Self-evaluation methods
  • 9 or more techniques to choose from
  • Each attendee chooses 3 exercises that fit their own style
  • Live feedback from the group
  • Limited to 6-12 attendees

The ideal size for a workshop is 6-8 individuals so that each attendee can have brief personal coaching directly from the instructor. Larger groups of 8-12 will do the same exercises and receive feedback from each other, but not necessarily from the instructor in front of the group.

Some people like to repeat a single skills workshop multiple times to continually improve one skill. Others prefer to learn new skills at each workshop. Discounts can be negotiated for organizations that commit to multiple workshops in advance.

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Workshop Methodology

The conventional approach to presentation skills training gives you lots of checklists and rules. Over the years, as I observed students of this approach, I found that people rarely remember or incorporate very many of the "rules" after the class. Long checklists are just too complicated.

After many years as a presentation skills trainer, I've noticed that students responded best when asked to incorporate just one simple change at a time. At each coaching session I would give a client a single note card to summarize a single point of emphasis. These note cards evolved into a complete coaching system,

The philosophy of SpeechDeck is simplicity. There are only 8 essential principles of effective communication. Each principle is based on psychological truths that make the listener pay attention, give the speaker more influence, and make a lasting impact, but you only need to focus on one principle at a time.

Each workshop focusses on just one of these principles. Attendees watch me demonstrate several different approches, then each person practices only techniques they feel best suit their personal style. Everyone improves without being forced to copy techniques that don't match their own comfort level.

Read about my philosophy on the About the trainer page for more details.

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Workshop Curriculum & Customization

All public speaking seminars are based on one or more of the following 8 SpeechDeck principles, each with an associated color code. You can schedule an in-depth skills workshop on any one of these principles:

1Clarify your Content - Black

The black and white of your message must be clear. No amount of "color" will help, unless the core message is simple, clear, and logically organized. Because all communication starts with a clear message, most students should start here. * Top 3 Recommendation.

2Inject Anticipation - Red

It doesn't matter how clear your message is if no one is listening. Anticipation is about getting the listener's attention at each transition and holding that attention to the end. When done properly, the speaker can generate interest and make people listen (even if they don't want to).

3Develop Relationships - Orange

To develop rapport with the listener, you must form and build relationships. Groups that already know each other well, may already share a group rapport. This principle is most important when speaking to new audiences, attempting persuasion, or when audience analysis is paramount.

4Reveal the Messenger - Yellow

Good communication is largely based on the impression made by the messenger (you). To establish legitimacy, credibility, and authenticity, speakers must share something of themselves. This is often the single most important principle for those with speaking anxiety or ordinary communication skills nerves. * Top 3 Recommendation

5Encourage Participation - Green

If a listener is not participating mentally, physically, verbally, or socially, he or she will not accept or remember your message. Utilize interpersonal interaction to help the listener understand and comply with your requests. Essential for sales, recommended highly for business.

6Empower the Individual - Blue

Your presentation's message must be made relevant to the listener. Empowerment includes personalization, self-persuasion, and eliminating obstacles that might prevent the listener from adopting your message. This topic is the most commonly lacking skill for traditional speakers. * Top 3 Recommendation

7Manage the Theater - Indigo

Effective public speaking and communication requires more than just words. You also must use the space around you. This may involve slides, visuals, and body language. Done properly, the speaker will continuously eliminate distractions and direct the listener's focus of attention. Recommended for presenters with highly analytical material. This is the session that discusses PowerPoint and slide decks.

8Engage the Subconscious - Violet

A logical message is not enough. We only remember information when it touches us at an internal level. Verbally you must provide the proper context, but more importantly you must make a non-verbal, emotional, and non-cognitive impact. Essential for story telling or sales.

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Workshop Materials

In order to provide training to as many people as possible regardless of budget, there are NO required wokshop materials. Communication skills are best learned by doing. Any required worksheets will be provided by the instructor at no additional cost.

SpeechDeck Essentials

As a lasting reference to use in real life outside of the workshops, it is HIGHLY recommended that each attendee purchase the SpeechDeck essentials card deck. Both the digital and physical decks provide step-by-step instructions for all principles and techniques discussed in all 8 courses.

The SpeechDeck essentials pack also includes online access to the tools at Discount for volume orders.

For additional information on my approach
read the About the Trainer page.

Public Classes

Private presentation skills coaching, while valuable, can be expensive. If you would like to take your communication skills to the next level on a budget, please join me at one of my public classes in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Utah public speaking course

SpeechDeck Introduction

Learn the 8 secrets of great communication as you watch 8 fun, interactive demonstrations. You will be able to easily identify which principles you want to work on, and which of the in-depth skills workshops are right for you.

This "Conquering Communication Mediocrity" introduction is an informal 90 minute overview of the SpeechDeck communication program. Join the announcement mailing list at left to be notifed when the next class is scheduled.

Utah executive presentation skills training classes

Public Skills Workshops

Start to finish training on all 8 principles is currently only offered through organizational workshops. Subscribe to the annoucements at left to be notified when the full course is available to the public.

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